HACK 500 Health Plan

At the Wrist and Hand Center your overall health is our concern. One component of your health is your BMI or body mass index that is calculated based on your height and weight. In general your BMI should be between 20 and 25. You can calculate your BMI at the Mayo Clinic website.

Dr. Rayhack advocates a HACK 500 calorie weight reduction educational plan for those patients who wish to lose weight.

Patients should first consult with their doctors before embarking on any weight reduction plan or the plan outlined below.

Rather than relying on medications, a drastic exercise program, or an expensive delivered meal plan, the HACK 500 Health Plan relies on the simple elimination , reduction, hacking or slashing of 500 calories from the daily diet of an individual patient.

rayHACK 500Health Plan


Step 1

Keep track of EVERYTHING you eat and drink for an entire week. Most patients can identify small items in their diet that can be eliminated that would add up to 500 calories for a given day. This could be a soft drink, cookies, bread and butter at dinner, an extra helping of rice, a tasty ice cream or cake treat, a second teaspoon of sugar in tea or coffee, or a midnight cereal snack.


Step 2

Stop eating those extra items and stick to the plan. Substitute water for soft drinks and juices. Patients who are under doctor’s orders to take a particular medication to diet should naturally consult with their physician before altering their prescribed diet.


Step 3

Avoid buying the items that you wish to avoid eating. Once in the house, they are far too tempting!


Step 4

Place a picture of your loved one(s) or even your pet(s) on the refrigerator door to remind yourself each time that you reach to open the door for that snack that you are striving to stay healthy for that loved one or pet. This way it is not just for you alone


Step 5

Weigh yourself at the end of the month. You should notice a 3-4 pound weight loss after one month and by two months you should notice a 7-8 pound weight loss. Notice a difference in the way that your clothes fit at this time. The goal of this plan is to lose one pound per week and to keep it off!! Resist the temptation to weigh yourself each day as this is a gradual weight loss plan. Do not be enticed by  commercials that claim a 6 pound weight loss in the first week. That is highly unlikely and not the goal of the Hack 500 educational diet plan


Step 6

Stick to this plan and serve as a role model for someone else who can benefit from this educational weight reduction plan. Teach someone else what you have learned.


Step 7

Exercise appropriately based on your doctor’s recommendations. Do not use exercise a your main method to lose weight. It is the calorie restriction that really matters. Exercise is good for your balance, muscle and bone strength, and for your mental well-being.

To your health !

Hack 500 calories  each day and lose one pound per week !!!

Remember: Consult your  doctor before embarking on any weight reduction plan or the educational diet plan outlined above .