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Generation II permits the surgeon to have many options. Either the low profile locking plate or the standard ulnar shortening plate may be used in either the volar-ulnar or ulnar subcutaneous positions. The new universal upright ulnar saw guide permits the osteotomy to be performed from the volar-ulnar surface. This same guide can be used on the ulnar subcutaneous border. The low profile saw guide sits up on the ulna, thereby eliminating the need for extensive periosteal stripping.



The operating surgeon may still use the traditional non-locking ulnar shortening plate. An additional option now available is to place the traditional plate in a volar-ulnar position. To place the standard plate in the volar-ulnar position it is necessary to use the new non-wrap, upright saw guide depicted under Generation II. The wrap around saw guide used in Generation I should only be used for the ulnar subcutaneous plate placement. Both saw guides will be included in the equipment tray to permit this additional surgical option.

Low profile locking plate

Locking screw technology

Universal upright saw guide

Comparison I & II

Compatibility Chart

Generation I "wrap around" saw guide No Yes
Generation II universal "stand up" saw guide Yes Yes
Standard non-locking ulnar plate (stainless and titanium) Yes Yes
Generation II low profile locking ulnar plate (only stainless) Yes Yes
 Volar Placement
 Subcutaneous Placement